Monday, January 6, 2014

Kejriwal vs Paltiwal Unlimited Fun.

Most of the times, to expose someone, you need to dig very deep but in the case of Arvind kejriwal, he exposes himself easily. There is no need of any parody account as his tweets are funny enough to keep us entertained.

Blaming God like a KG student who blames 'pet me dard' for no homework.

Falling ill seems to be the most common thing for him, fever every month, continuous coughing is not good sign. This can be a contagious disease.

Anna dumped royally as he was hired so he was fired. Reply to this tweet is also notable.

Giving justification for taking U turn on using house and Govt Car, why create tamasha of using Metro and living in 2 BHK in the first place. (By the way 2 BHK is luxury in delhi)

He believes if he doesn't find two adjacent houses, he will become ineffective. Do I need to say more?

check the tweet date and see his U turn now. Any other Party opposed to Congress would go for re-election.

Here he claims he has already put evidence against Sheila Dixit but after Government is formed and he has authorities under him, he wants BJP to give proof against Shila. U turn.

Do I need to say anything? Story is complete now.

Tauqeer Raja is the man who gave fatwa to kill tasleema Nasreen, was involved in meirut riots but he has an advocate now.

AAP formed Government but no sign of his hyped Janlokpal Bill. So it was a gimmick?

Sometimes he behaves like Rahul Gandhi by his statements.

Story of Anna ji to Anna. Guru Gur rah gaya, chela chinni ho gaya.

Did you see the commando force somewhere? Please let me know if you find them. Or Rakhi Birla is the commando who was roaming in auto to check security and getting photographed and a rape happened the same night in her own constituency and later she claimed attack on her life when a cricket ball hit her car.

Baba Naxali to aap hain hi.. with most of the naxal sympathisers in his friends list.

Judiciary bad, Police bad, Media bad, politicians bad. so all four pillars of democracy are bad for him and he is our superman who will lift democracy on his soldiers.

He can easily open the cases when IAC volunteers were beaten or Rajbala died in police Lathi charge in Ramdev Agitation. But Baba is too busy finding a proper house.


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