Friday, September 13, 2013

Some old memories of ABVP JNU.

JNU students would not allow a separatist 
to come to the campus and give sermons 
on taking out Kashmir from India and merge
with pakistan just because of religion. Syed
Geelani was the man who brain washed the
suicide bombers but such act could not
be proved technically.

Daily Pioneer 18th august 2004

ABVP has always been demonized for
breaking law. Does stopping a Parliament
attacker, who was let off on technical ground,
is anti national act or calling such people
to Government funded JNU for speech on
Kashmir Struggle which is nothing else but
a form of Jehad.

Times of India 18th August 2004

The Hindu has been a leftist Rag for pushing the propaganda of anti national left. They have kept lying and supporting the anti nationals in the name of liberalism. In This news clip, they have been caught lying here and peddling their lies. Check the third paragraph of below shown clip where it tells us that Geelani was not in the Car. to Find the truth, we will check the next clipping. 

The Hindu 18th August 2004

The Indian Express claims that ABVP 'stones' the Black scorpio of Nandita Haskar but won't show the stone damages on her car but one rag proved another Rag wrong. See how, The Hindu says that Geelani was not in the Car but Indian Express show how he was hiding in back seat of the Car. See how Geelani 'The Freedom Fighter' is hiding like a Rat.

Indian Express 18th August

JNU show caused around 15 students for the incident. Nobody was physically hurt. ABVP did slogan shouting and pushed the Car and blocked the path so that 'The kashmiri Terrorist' could not enter JNU for his anti India 'lecture'.

JNU Notice

Vande Mataram.

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