Sunday, August 25, 2013

Half cooked Hindutva of BJP.

In the last days of NDA government, Atal ji was quite convinced that he did enough for development of India and being a true Nationalist, he felt that Muslims should also be brought on board. He actually increased the annual budget and number of seats for Haj. A Bhaichara committee was made and Muslim intellectuals were given task to convince the Muslim voters. The situation seemed so favorable that few Muslim leaders like Nazma Heptullah joined BJP considering it as greener pasture. But the results proved that for Muslims, fear psychosis of Hindutva was more of an issue than development done by BJP.

Now let’s come to 2014. Narendra Modi worked for development of Gujarat for 11 years and now time has arrived to convince Muslims about his secular credentials. Many Muslims are joining BJP. JUH chief is praising Modi, whenever a Muslim writes one phrase in praise of Modi, he gets a big round of applause. All this reminds me of 2004. And I am afraid if this race to be 'secular than thou' back fires.

Modi may not have participated in 2002 riots, there are no proofs but 2003 elections of Gujarat were not won on the agenda of Development but Hindu ashmita. Modi became poster boy of Hindutva by talking about Hindus and many obvious but politically incorrect statements came. ‘Hum 5 hamare 25' this was not used by him for aliens but for muslims. His election speeches used to make the crowd go mad for him and he had a clean sweep in the election. The Hindutva poster boy who was being seen as a strong leader who could save the hindus from repeated attacks. Gujarat is a place where muslims used to start rioting even if temple bells disturbed their evening Namaz. 

More the riots happened more the hindus' wish for a strong Hindu leader got stronger. Even if Modi did his job as CM of Gujarat, he was seen as a leader who let the hindus take revenge for the Godhra train burning and many more events of the past. This image of Modi gave him a strong mandate and a state where more than 5 lakh people participated in the riots, He became the supreme leader. Now if we choose a path, it always has it,'s benefits and it's drawbacks as well. If the Hindutva poster boy image can be used to win an election authoritatively then Modi has to carry the baggage of the perception that was created for him.

Riots are not something that happened only in Gujarat or it happened for the first time but one thing is sure that Gujarat made it clear that arson done by muslims won't be pardoned any more.
Muslims of Gujarat understood that cohabitation is the only choice and violence is not the solution as it won't intimidate other people anymore.

Till now everything was ok, Narendra Modi was facing the secular brigade with singular agenda to demonize him. The more he was demonized, more he got fans. This led to a very dangerous change in the life of Hindu poster boy. In place of talking for those Hindus in distress in Kerala; assam, bengal, hyderabad and many such places, he started to be given a makeover to be the PM of India. To be a PM of India, the rule of the political game says that he must be secular and have universal(Read America) acceptance. Definitely he is a a great orator, he is one of the best administrators to rule an Indian state. But first of all his path that he chose, was of a Hindu poster boy. 

If this craving for secular tag won't come, he would have led the Hindutva movement and development of the country on parallel tracks. BJP came to 80 seats from 2 seats not on the issue of development alone but Hindutva. The fire in every hindu's heart is burning to break the shackles of 1000's of years of suppression and slavery and BJP used this fire to reignite it's political mashal. It is a fact that any Prime minister of India should be accepted in all sections of society and this is why Vajpayee who wasn't present at the manch of KAR SEVA in Ayodhya to shout slogans 'ek dhakka aur do, Babri Masjid tod do', became the prime minister of India. Every organization needs different sets of people. Politics is the only domain where dove is projected to the masses and hawk remains in the back seat to control the show. Advani could bring BJP to such heights but could not bring himself close to electoral victory. The reason is simple, He chose the path of Hawk, the day he mounted on the Rathyatra for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. 

Midterm course correction only shows lack of commitment and courage in a leader. Once the path is chosen, he should continue to be firm on it. Hope Narendra Modi will understand that when his propaganda machinery churns out news like muslim corporators coming to BJP it doesn't make any difference. We know that Modi is a great administrator but as he said minimum governance is the key, the people are industrious enough to develop our nation. Most of the leaders can't be near to Modi if we talk about administration but don't let this hamper the larger goal. 

Many people are confused that Hindutva will bring fanaticism but they don't know that Hindutva is needed to wake up the lion sleeping in every hindu so that he can stand up to any sort of injustice happening in the society. 

Hindutva is not political Hinduism, it is a way to wake the soldier in every Hindu so that he can fight for the down trodden against the Caste system that divides India anymore and no woman is forced for female foeticide. We need leaders who can stand up to lead the march towards the goal of Hindutva. There is news that Modi would contest from Lucknow. What will his campaign speeches consist of? I have heard his speeches several times but development is good to be done, boring to hear again and again. Boasting about Gujarat capacity to produce milk or electricity cannot be used in every speech. 

Modi should continue his path of Hindutva poster boy and continue the baton from where advani left. The unfinished task of building the Ram mandir at ayodhya should be the election manifesto and let the Hindus of India vote of a development model with hindutva as its base. It will affect UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Madhya pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab and many more states in favor of BJP. The dream of a BJP run government will come true. India is a secular nation but it doesn't mean that hindus should suffer to retain secularism. Ram Mandir is not a religious issue but it is a symbol of revival. 500 years back, a Mughal emperor destroyed a hindu temple in the most revered site for Hindus to show the might of islam (quwat-ul-islam) and it will be written in the history books that this might of an invader was crushed after 500 years. This is how history should be told. We were enslaved but after several centuries we turned the tide.
Pseudo Secular (read opportunist) media has created a perception that Hindutva can't bring BJP into power. . Only ideology based development can be good for nation or we will end up having people craving for money and money only.
We don't need to follow the western model of development. It is not obligatory. We can always follow our own model in which every village is a self dependent unit. Prosperity is not judged by refrigerator in house, but the social values in our society.

Let’s make this dream come true.

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Anonymous said...

well said, however Hindutva tonic needs to be given with sugar coating development as most misguided Hindus think that to be modern they have to be above religion ,this is due to the fact that religion or traditions as such are not structurally imbibed in average modern Hindu house hold.
For lighting the fires of Hindutva the upbringing from childhood will have to be oriented accordingly.

Dr Rajeev said...

Dormant Hindu has to come out of hibernation to save BHARAT MAHAN. And only hurdle is that we do not have a credible face other than Modi.

Vijay Radhakrishnan said...

The article gives a perspective but don't you think Modi with his political acumen would know much better, one if the principles in being a Hindu is adaptability.Muslim fence sitter votes are needed , the one thing that unites everybody now is Money and Modi will create a new vote bank among Muslims that is women.

Akhilesh said...

Nice post.. nicely articulated and well thought.. As per my views, To revive the Hinduism in the minds of Young-English-speaking generation, it is important to educate them about the hatred which Quran and Hathis spread. misunderstanding that no religion preaches hatred requires to be completely finished. Also The history of Muslim invaders needs to be taught to young generation. I could convince myself after reading the hateful messages of Quran and history. Hopefully you will take the time to write future posts on Quran and Hathis. googling will provide enough stuff to rewrite on the topic. Thanks for the nice post.