Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are you a Gay!

This era certainly belongs to the set of people who are always ‘politically correct’. Today, everybody is compelled to clarify his/her stand on host of global topics, just to remain relevant in the society. For eg: If you do not know what LGBT stands for, you are considered to be extremely ignorant.

The compelling need to take up stance on these relevant issues has brought out the politician in each one of us. In a private conversation we might be more candid about certain issues. But, taking stance on certain issues just to be accepted by your peers is what we see more important. Such situations are mainly applicable to politicians who remain as mirror of the society and talk only what the majority wants to hear.

As we see how politicians portray themselves to be very different from what they really are. This feeling of being seen and judged according to our views, makes us feel important as if our views will be quoted and used where as in reality, however outrageous our views may be, we are nothing more than dust particles in the huge system and our views won't be examined and we won’t have to face such repercussions that we get affected. We live in an illusion of being under the gaze but it is not at all true. And what is the benefit of having double views just for the sake of peer pressure. One set of view for public image and another for private conversations is what makes us hypocrite.

The moment you support an idea that is new or not acceptable to the majority, you may face attacks, personal and ideological. Your sanity may be questioned too. Now the question is, the people who criticize you, aren't they the bigger bigots? I present you my humble opinion why I feel so.

definition in Oxford dictionary
If you use simple words like 'perversion' for gays, you will be called homophobic, where as classical definition of perversion is simply something that diverts from regular practice. It is offensive only when the liberal considers it offensive. Being gay is definitely not the norm of the society as it doesn't go along with the law of nature where union of opposite sex is to reproduce. This is why Gay sex cannot be seen as a natural phenomenon. That is another thing that they should not be attacked or harmed physically or mentally and that much of individual freedom of choice should remain in society.

Let’s take an example. Someone calls you 'gay' and you immediately accuse him of being homophobic. But isn't it true that you are getting offended if someone calls you gay and by your own reaction you define 'gay' as inferior or offensive. So now who is homophobic you or the person who used it.

Every word, be it Negro, black, gay, lesbian, chinki, bihari, mallu, chamaar, madrassi etc., These words literally don't have anything offensive in it. But it is our prejudice that makes them politically incorrect. If someone calls me a chamaar, I get offended and call him/her a casteist etc, I am actually ignoring that chamaar is merely a word that signifies cobbler; it is we who have made this occupation inferior. Otherwise What is wrong in being a chamaar, isn't chamaar more important than a brahmin when we need shoes to protect our feet? Then who are we to decide that this is an inferior job, why does chamaar become a gaali and calling a brahmin or a rajput doesn't? It is our prejudice that makes it defined that way.

Subramanian Swamy tweeted that CRTs are queer. Immediate response of all the politically correct people was that they don't agree with him and called him homophobic, now tell me who made 'queer' derogatory, Swamy only  or the people who actually got offended are also sharing the deed? Why did they get offended for being called gay? Is being gay inferior? If so then the people who shouted against Swamy are bigger homophobic. If people stop getting offended and don’t mind if someone calls one gay, then will it be seen in same way?

Someone said, 'a Negro killed a British soldier' and outrage was not for the death of a human being but for use of racial term for the culprit being racially abused. Origin of the word ‘negro’ is Spanish which means black, so what is wrong if someone talks about color of skin, if one gets offended because someone called you black, then, it is you who has a prejudiced mind and you take it as an offence. Otherwise, black is beautiful. Living in Africa, I have heard many slangs for 'white', living in Delhi, have heard many more for Biharis but if we start getting offended, then it simply shows our inferiority complex. In place of fighting against use of certain words, we should fight against this prejudiced mind set wherein we judge people and decide who are superior and who are inferior, slangs will remain in the society but the offence hidden in it will disappear.

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NOTE: Written to fight with Insomnia. Proof reading done by .Baba Shivananda Maharaj ji

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Anonymous said...

@navneet2frn Bravo! I salute you for being so open minded & unafraid to speak the truth. I have always maintained that only those who are ready to pursue truth, fairness & justice to wherever it takes them, be it away & against what is considered sacred, or against the conventional understanding of the majority, or even opposed to our partisan & communal interests are the ones who can hope to really find it and are worthy of our praise and appreciation. U Navneet are close to being such a person. Amidst all the political correctness, courtesy & hypocrisy that prevails in this world, truth & justice are the main casualties. I may discuss this issue at some length in a blog, but that will have to be sometime later. I was'nt even able to draft this comment in a single go & completed it in multiple sittings. Sorry for delay. I also eagerly look forward to your blog/comments on gays in response to my blog :)