Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#JNUStories no 10. Dalit Cannon Fodder and Left Agenda.

A young dalit boy from Patna joined as my class mate in JNU. He got his hostel room within a week as per the norms of University that gave preference to SC/ST category for hostel allotment. As I had no room of mine for a couple of months, his room became a hangout place. We would share tea, eat mid night maggi from same plate to save money and often sleep on the same bed. Nobody could guess our caste or category by our brotherhood. We would study our course work together and he showed a lot of potential in the class. 

In following months, he was lured by a left leader to become part of a theatre group called IPTA. As he was interested to join theatre as a hobby, He started frequenting the open air theatre where rehearsals would be done and without him even realising the fact, he was surrounded by the left brigade. 

The gradual brainwash was so strong that the same friend who used to fight for last spoon of maggi started talking about the dalit oppression by brahmanical system and how I should feel ashamed that Dalits were tortured by the upper caste hindus. In my opinion, being informed about the malaise of our society is applaudable but the way it is done by left is such that a normal person with a bright future falls into victimhood mode forever.

Within few months he drifted away from me and fights for last spoon of maggi transformed into fights for last puff of cannabis laced cigarettes with his leftist comrades while discussing the regressive hindu culture. His grades deteriorated and a brilliant student that he was, he could not maintain minimum grades to continue his studies and he had to drop out. 
Even after not being a student, he stayed in the campus as illegal guest and often due to problem of money he was forced to search for half burnt cigarettes in road side dustbins and eat leftover food of his comrades. He wasted five years of his life and then he realised how he had been sucked into the leftist system and spitted out with no blood left.

In the very same way, another dalit batchmate from gaya who was in another centre, got into the whirlpool of left activism. While left leaders in their Ph.d had all the time in their hands, they would take him for protests to different places on daily basis. For him, palestine's independence became a priority and he would often bunk his classes so that he could assemble in front of Embassy of Israel, USA etc. Same story repeated, he failed to complete his graduation. He realised his mistake after few years and then regained himself. He joined JNU again after three years, got scholarship and went abroad for further studies.

When we see a group of few hundred students protesting in front of MHRD, or in front of American Centre to protest against 'american neo-imperialism', there are hundreds of micro stories of failures being written right at the protest location but they get ignored under the corus of sloganeering of "Inquilab Zindabad". The vultures of left gobble on these young men and use them as foot soldiers or rather cannon fodder for pushing their agenda of bygone era.

It is quite common that dalit students who come from prosperous families who have never faced any serious discrimination, they end up being brain washed to such extent that they get into a victimhood mode which hampers their normal growth. The inferiority complex is force fed in such way that before someone realises, a young boy who has never cared about his caste, becomes caste consious and finds it difficult to make friends from other castes projected by left as opressors. But the funny part is that left keeps ranting about brahmanical tyranny but when you check the core of left parties i.e Polit Bureau, No Dalit has ever been allowed as a polit bureau member. So much for dalit upliftment. Brinda Karat was the first woman and only woman till date to join polit bureau of CPI-M, so much for "women's upliftment".

In the meanwhile Hindi Sahitya Academy gives awards to writers like Udai Prakash for showcasing this victimhood in worst possible manner. Udai Prakash wrote a mediocre Novel named 'Peeli chhatri waali ladki'. The plot of the story revolves around a dalit boy and his brahmin girlfriend. When the couple share their intimate moments, the writer points out how every thump of the boy is a hammer shot against oppression of centuries. A couple wants to get married and elopes from a small town but this story is used by the writer to push the victimhood narrative of left. For left, no man or woman can have a normal relationship, it must be seen with the tinted glass of agenda.

JNU left brigade has started a new game of celebrating Mahishasur Day and depicting Goddess Durga as a whore who killed the great dalit king Mahishasur. There need not be any authenticity in such story but it serves a purpsose. Forward press which is church funded publication house, publishes such articles and a whole narrative is being built so that dalits feel outcast and become easy prey for jesus vultures.

JNU left brigade does not stop at JNU itself. The mafia of academics which is so well organised that Modi may have to win four times continuously to clear the mess if he chooses to play a fair game. The mafia ensures that left oriented Ph.d students join as professors in different universities of India and act as recruiters of left brigade. Hyderabad University which was IFLU earlier and its new avatar is only few years old, majority of the faculty that joined It is from JNU. And in this way, the virus of left gets spread to Hyderabad university. Otherwise, students wing of a bengal based Party winning student union elections in Hyderabad makes no sense. The solution to this menace is to create a dalit leadership which understand the evil designs of left and gives proper direction to the dalit youth which is full of energy and ready to serve the nation.

Written by @navfrn


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