Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#JNUStories no. 09. Filthy face of left academia.

Few months ago, a horrible incident happened in the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus which lies in the heart of the capital of India. This story is about a professor of ROP community. He has done his Ph.d in sociology from JNU. He was a faculty in Jamia Milia Islamia before joining JNU sociology centre. he was accused by his student of sexual harassment. The girl is persuing her m.phil from centre for social systems under the guidance of this professor. He asked her to meet him in his Flat to discuss the course work around mid-night. The girl belongs to a neighbouring country with no local guardian in India. She could not understand the necessity of discussing course work at night but still she trusted her professor. She went to meet him post dinner. This man forced himself on her and sodomised her in his house. She filed a sexual harassment complaint against him in GSCASH (Gender sensitisation committee against sexual harrassment). She abandoned her studies midstream and returned back to her country. He was suspended few months back and the suspension continues till date. Prima facie, he was found guilty and JNU administration is planning to terminate his job.

The above paragraph is not the main story. It is an incident that demanded for fair enquiry and exposure of that rapist. The main story is the hypocrisy of the left intelligentsia which goes to any extent to protect its brotherhood. The rapist himself is a cardholder of CPI-ML. The same party Kavita Krishnan belongs to. She runs an organisation called AIPWA (All India Progressive Women's Asssociation). She knows about the incident very well. JNU teachers community is silent on this issue as it puts the left brigade under bad light. The woman who shouts daily on national television about women issues is not only silent but hands in gloves with a gang of few JNU teachers who are trying to save this man. Left gang does not want to antagonise the ROP vote bank and this must be a reason, they are not taking any action against the culprit. Same Kavita Krishnan was leading a mob of thousand of people at Raisina hills to oppose against Nirbhaya rape case but this case is not grave enough for her. Even media which is full of journalists who have studied in JNU, is silent. No news paper has covered the story and no television channel has given a single minute to this criminal act.

The same set of teachers who are protecting this professor are also harassing a dalit student and a girl student by accusing them of doing havan and reciting mantras in their hostel room. Is JNU not part of India where every citizen has fundamental right to follow and practice his/her religion?

The left academic gang is trying to save this commie rapist by hushhushing the news and it won't be surprising if he ends up working for another university as no legal action is going to be taken.

If an ordinary criminal rapes a woman, he shall end up in jail for several years. Then why a professor should be given soft treatment by suspending him or terminating him from his job. This issue seems like a déja vu of the Tarun Tejpal incident. 

Do the commies have got a divine right to commit any crime and remain untouched from the indian legal system?

Can we expect a fair trial and proper punishment to this man. If the indian government pursues this case, they shall be able to get the name and all other details from GSCASH of JNU.

JNU Teachers commmunity should be ashamed that they are protecting a rapist for the sake of their sick ideology. How can they be torelant towards such inhumane acts. The hegemony of left to commit any crime and walk free is getting challenged and this is the reason the whole intolrance tamasha is going on.


patnaik said...

Why has FIR not been filed against that ROP professor so far?

Anonymous said...

What is ROP.n who is this professor

Paramasivam said...

When news came that Dr.Subramanian Swamy name was considered for post of VC for JNU, all these CPM activists were so terrified that they ran to each & every channel crying wolf. Now I understand the reason. A tough person like Dr Swamy should come as VC for JNU. Then only we can expect JNU cleared of anti-social activists.