Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#JNUStories No 13. Karl Marx Good - Kalam Bad.

It is a great opportunity to be part of the audience when someone like APJ Abdul Kalam speaks. I find myself lucky that I heard him when he came to JNU campus on 12th January 2005 and thousands of students gathered in JNU Football Stadium to hear him. Summary of his speech can be read here.(
Only thing that still agitates me is the leftist approach on that day. JNU Vice Chancellor Mr. G.K Chaddha requested Mona Das who was JNUSU President at that time to present a flower bouquet to Kalam Saab on behalf of the JNU Student community. JNUSU president not only refused to offer a flower bouquet to President Kalam playing feminist card that women are not meant for such tokenism but also called him a bomb daddy, Mass Murderer being a nuclear scientist and an establishment stooge. leftists shouted slogans and tried to stop the event by showing black flags. Lefties got a befitting reply when student community denounced their antics.

A Man like Kalam does not take birth everyday. He was a true nationalist who lived for this Country. The leftist treatment in the campus was not a single event but it was part of the pattern how commies and Congress boycotted him. The nexus of Communists and Congress has always demeaned the institutions of our nation by bringing disgrace to it.

It is not surprising that far left commies like Mona Das end up becoming professors in Delhi University. Presently, She is Assistant Professor at Satyawati College, Delhi University and married to Inteshar Ahmed who inspite of being a commie works in a Mulitnational company. No wonder the students she shall teach will be brainwashed. The roots of this disease called communism are too deep.

Kalam Saab worked till his last breath and died without any pain. He lived a heroic life and went away like a hero.
Om Shanti!

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