Saturday, July 11, 2015

Curious Case of Chetan Bhagat.

Chetan Bhagat wrote his first piece of crap called five point someone which is based on three IIT students. 

It is quite interesting and demands a sociological study that these days IITs may not be producing best minds but brotherhood among IITians is as strong as Binani cement. Any initiative by an alumni gets huge support from the students of IITs and from those who aspire to join it. This is how Chetan Bhagat became a known writer as every aspirant wanted to get a feel of IIT life before becoming part of it. And mind you, many such students waste their parents' hard earned money in coaching institutes situated in desert towns for their IIT dream. 

IITs do need to contemplate what has gone wrong that Kejriwal and Bhagat are becoming the face of its alumnus. Kejriwal used the IIT support base as a launch pad till Kejriwal had not started to receive midnight hawala funds. In Bhagat's case, they bought and popularized his first attempt at being an English language writer. He may claim of high sales figure, but in India, Sunny leone is the most searched person on google.
I have observed so many times in Indian rail journeys when boys who are traveling alone to go back to their home in UP and Bihar, they pull a chetan Bhagat book out of their bag which they buy from wheeler book shops at railway platforms to impress the girls sitting in the compartment. Bhagat is praiseworthy for offering an English option for readers of 'Saras Saleel'.

In his first Novel, Chetan wrote a note of thanks to his best friend. None other than 'Microsoft word with its grammar check option'. He was honest enough to accept that without Grammar check option, he won't be confident enough to publish his first pulp fiction. 

To write a Chetan bhagat-esque book, You do not need great ideas, you need some spice, some salt and some oil and voila, Your bhagat baingan bharta shall be ready to eat- sorry read. In his recent article, he has used all the expletives to make caricature of a 'bhakt' which implies Modi supporters on social media. Now i am really confused. Till date, his opponents would ridicule Modi for his NRI support base on social media which does not vote and does not represent the mood of the nation. 
The NRIs are not pulling rickshaws in United states of America or other countries of the world. Many American surveys regularly inform us that Hindu immigrants are the richest ethnic group over there and many of them may be earning more money that Chetan Bhagat by the virtue of their intellect and communications skills. Now Bhagat is saying that 'bhakts' are half educated like his protagonist of 'half girlfriend' or mediocre like his another protagonist of his call centre book. Modi supporters seem like that elephant which many blind people are defining in their own way.

Is is possible that Chetan is figuring out his own reader base. How extraordinary to pay back your devoted readers who made you rich by buying your 200 pages book for few pages of erotica. There could be one strong reason behind this. Chetan wants to shrug off such base and move to more suave readers. Those whom he meets regularly in literature fests and book fairs. Has he completed his grammar classes and does not need 'grammar correct' option of Microsoft word anymore. he is rich, now he wants to earn 'class'. He does not want to be intimidated by Salman Rushdie any more. Hey Chetan stop googling 'how to get booker prize', you won't get it ever.

But Chetan, one suggestion for you. A good writer is famous not because he is good at English grammar. He has got his poetic license to create new words and play with them. even his grammatical mistakes become part of the narrative. He becomes famous because of his imaginations which make the readers to become part of the story. You can only titillate your readers by giving description of how your protagonists screwed his professor's daughter or his friend's sister. Try writing one book without your patent formula of bed scene. It reminds me of those C grade movies of Mithun Chakraborty which would attract crowd for having few bathroom and few bed scenes. That crowd and your reader base may have a lot of common faces i am sure.

So, please continue with your pulp fiction and don't abuse your own reader base. I have another doubt. Are you defining yourself as many of those expletives suit you perfectly. Sexually frustrated to imagine such cheap stories or bad English grammar for which Microsoft word helped you so much or for being Modi supporter to be part of the gravy train. many of your class is attacking Modi for one particular reason. He refused any favors. Are you one of them who could not bag a Padmashree? or is it because Bhagat and Bhakt are similar words that you had to write another idiotic article to remain in news.

Note: i am sure you or your fans will try hard to judge my English but hey it is my fourth language after Bajjika, Hindi and French. And I am not frustrated because of my English Mr. Bhagat.

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