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What should be done to stop Hindutva!

This structure was not empty in past.
Many 'secular' friends believe that Hindutva is fascist face of Hinduism. To a very small extent they have got reasons to say so. The most important reason is a recent perception about Hinduism that it is non violent to its core and to boast of this great virtue, people claim that India has never invaded any country in thousands of years and status quo should be maintained. Indians got independence through non violence of Gandhi so it is a very potent weapon to fight the enemy with!

Now the question is if Hindutva is fascist and promotes violence and blood bath in the society the secular class must find the reason why it is growing in the society and what should be done to challenge it.

broken statue in Bangladesh
Hindus have realized that their non violence has not been strong enough to protect them, and they need to be ready to fight if there are attacks and not to run away to save life. To fight doesn't only mean to 'shed blood' but to fight on any platform to not let anybody do injustice. So, even if you are an atheist, protect the temple of your community or your identity will be the next to be attacked. There was no need of Hindutva if our secular class and leadership had not abandoned 'Non violent' Hindu mass. There are many incidents that have forced Hindus to rethink about their policy of non violence.We should not cry over the criminal incidents of medieval ages and we can't punish someone for those crimes.  But what is expected from secular class is to acknowledge those crimes and learn from history so that such crimes are not repeated. whereas the secular class not only denied those crimes but tried to erase any available evidence. 

Arab invaders did whatever possible to break the morale of the Hindus and the modus operandi was always to destroy a temple and construct a mosque on top of it. Now what the secular class and its 'eminent historians' did? They denied such incidents and in case the evidence was glaring at them, they created ridiculous stories to justify destruction.

The point is that an invader built something not as a place of worship but to prove his might (Quwat-ul-islam). It is true Hindus couldn't save the temples at that time. But when India got independence, secular class could have convinced the Muslims of India not to choose wrong icons as their identity. These historical errors could be corrected and the temples could be reconstructed. Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura are three locations specially known for three Hindu Gods, Ram, Shiva and Krishna, and all these three cities remind you of the Hindu oppression perpetrated by invaders who were also followers of Islam. 
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was pragmatic and first thing that he did was to reconstruct Somnath temple which had a long history of being destroyed several times. India could easily correct the mistakes in Ayodhya, kashi and mathura too but presence of a mosque structure at these sites made them jittery and they backed off. this is how they  presented the symbol of Hindu oppression as holy sites for Muslims  The sites which will always remind Hindus of their slavery.

Today if someone desecrates st. Paul church at Shimla and builds a temple, I would prefer destruction of such temple and reconstruction of the church. I don't want to be seen as a oppressor and won't allow my religion to be used for such purpose. The real amity among two big communities of India could only be possible by correcting the historical mistakes. This is why Nations like Germany acknowledge the Jewish suppression done by Hitler and highlight it so that the wounds can be soothed. 

But Indian secularism failed just because it has a huge populace of opportunist people who used secularism just for profiteering and vote bank politics and never cared about Hindu-Muslim unity or a stable society with all round development. They kept these wounds alive and confused the Muslims to choose wrong representatives. This is the reason great scientists like APJ Abdul Kalam will not be a Muslim icon but Babri Masjid can touch emotions of everybody in Muslim community.

This is failure of secular class as they failed to acknowledge the problem and never tried to solve it. Hindus would have opened their coffers to construct world's largest mosque as compensation, but they merit to have their three most important holy sites to be free of such symbols of suppression.

What if an army invades mecca and destroys Kaaba and constructs some holy structure! The best solution would be to destroy that holy structure and reconstruct the Kaaba .when and in how many centuries?, does not matter. Religion and History evolve in centuries. Mughals ruled major parts of India for almost 300 years and then British replaced them. To write these two chapters of Indian history, it took more than 450 years. If some one claims that crime of 16th century does not merit a correction then you definitely lack the vision to observe history unfolding in front of you.

Advani Rath yatra for Ram Temple.
Secular class introduced politics of appeasement, vote bank and favoritism and these all aspects only led to Hindus feeling more alienated and this gave potion to Hindutva so that it could thrive in our society. If our secular leaders would not have changed the definition of secularism, would have convinced our Muslim brethren not to choose symbols of Hindu oppression as their symbol of Pride, it would have brought peace forever. To make it clear that the motive behind this correction was not bigotry, we could have built world’s largest mosque but the encroachment from the three holy sites of Hindus must be removed as they are symbols of slavery. 
old photo with statue of king George

You have seen the first picture in this post. Now check the same place with statue of King George. Why was it removed? You know the answer.

Muslims don't need to be ashamed of those crimes as they were actually the victims, the people who were forcefully converted with might of sword. They have definitely faced more oppression in the hands of those Arab invaders but the irony is that our secular class, in place of teaching the right history glorified those invaders and Tipu sultan became a savior, Aurangzeb became a kind emperor and Akbar became Akbar The great. 

Muslims of modern India were not even given enough opportunities to grow and not allow the symbols of medieval injustice become their icon but to create new symbols that represented them. Muslims of modern India were simply forced by the secular class to behave like vote banks. How would they loot if every citizen of India started to vote for development, good education, proper life and a bright future for our children? The day Muslims will realize this bluff, India will change for better. Amen.

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