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Hindutva :Militarization of Hindus

The word 'Hindutva' could be one of the most abused and misinterpreted term in India. Some people find it mirror image of an Islamist Sharia state, some believe it as a narrow interpretation of Hinduism by Hindu extremist class, some believe it as a dangerous cult which is ready to riot and divide India, some believe that Hindus want to have political power through Hindutva, as they think that it can unite Hindus to vote on issues closer to Hindu religion and some believe it as a reactionary force which rejects the appeasement policies of secular class and came into existence due to failure of secular forces.

All above interpretations have merit to a small extent but Hindutva can't be fixed in their frame and has its own space.
Similarly Indian Secular elite have given new dimensions to the word 'secularism'. Secularism has become a shield which can be used to defend the indefensible. It is some sort of Master key that opens doors to anywhere. A conman can parrot the secular mantra 100 times a day and his misdeeds will be not only ignored but he will be presented as a victim. 

journalist cum lobbyist Barkha replies to Nilim
Take recent example of Nilim Datta who is in prison for cheating people. The man could deny gravity with his moronic logics and such strong was his secular shield that several central ministers love to be in his company. Shashi Tharoor who could be UN chief from India, follows Nilim datta on twitter, thank God We were saved of this horror of seeing Tharoor as UN chief otherwise to show himself as 'secular' he could even deny death of our soldiers and would be suggesting for liberation of his In Laws' home. Secularism is the panacea for any ailment and this is the reason mediocre love to boast of secularism that is another thing that they won't be able to defend Indian secularism at all and will always cry foul to divert the question.
Now when mediocre class abuses you for taking a path then be sure that you are going in right direction and this is the case with Hindutva.

Shashi tharoor following a conman on twitter

I have heard many definitions of Hindutva professed by Organizations like RSS and others and no fix explanation can be given.

Majority of the people believe that Hindutva is political face of Hinduism. This is the most common misconception about RSS or any other parallel group promoting Hindutva.
For what I understand, Hindutva deals with only one dimension of Hinduism and that is to work for Militarization of Hindus. It doesn't mean that people are being armed and being given military training but making them ready to fight back in case of threat. This view can be applied to any persecuted community be it, shias, Ahmadis, Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh or the Copts of Egypt or Jews of the world..

Now the question is why militarization is needed? To know the answer, we should go back in the history.
Hindus who used to have an armed vigilant society lost the courage to fight back due to continuous suppression for almost 800 years and compromise became a part of life. It’s a religion which has no God without a weapon in Hand. A religion which has hundreds of scriptures including Ramayana and Mahabharata which glorifies death occurred in battle field. Bhagvad Geeta was dictated by Lord Krishna in the battle field of Kurukshetra to motivate Arjuna so that he could kill his own cousins for his right to rule.  A religion with such roots got alienated from the very idea of Hinduism and forgot that ultimate peace can only be attained by having an armed society which can fight back if need be. The extreme of this alienation could be seen in the rise of Mahatma Gandhi. Hindus who used to worship Durga to seek power, Hindus who used to do Shastra pooja when weapons are worshiped, they agreed with Gandhi and his non violent principles which included the two cheek theory. 

A Land with Hindu majority was ruled by Muslim invaders for more than 800 years and the Hindu warrior class whose duty was to fight back, chose to compromise and gave their daughters to Arab invaders in marriages. Harems of Mughal emperors contained more than 5000 women who were picked to satisfy the sexual urge of Mughals. You can imagine a society where a king treats women as prostitutes and these women could not find a savior but to dismay of the citizens, other Hindu kings followed similar path and started to keep harems. 
Hindutva works to change this suicidal mindset and works for revival of the military culture of Hindus so that when they are threatened, they don't run away to save life but fight back. Until and unless ‘power to retaliate’ is not revived the massacres of Hindus will continue in Bangladesh, Pakistan and many parts of India. Hindus will be treated as a helpless mass which can be beaten, burnt and raped without any fear of repercussion. Hindutva deals only with this aspect of Hinduism. Politics is far away from Hindutva. Political power was never a goal of Hindutva but only one of the tools to get closer to the target of militarization of Hindus. BJP is not the trunk of the RSS tree but one of the hundreds of stems. In fact RSS doesn't get muddled in politics and gives its cadres and supporters free will to choose their political leaders. For example this can be seen in Orissa where RSS works in every single tribal village and still BJD Has absolute majority. 

Hindutva is one of the most abused terms by different sections due to different reasons. The secular class has sole reason that is its mediocrity and opportunism. Chanting secular mantras let them grab opportunities without merit and cover their mediocre traits. Muslims abuse it due to 2 reasons.  As It denies them their superiority complex and denies their claim of being ancestors of the Muslim invaders who ruled India for 800 years.
Massacres of vast scale have happened in India in almost every period. Be it Feroz Shah tuglaq, be it Shahjahan, be it Aurangzeb or be it Mohammed Ali Jinnah, they have all used massacres to assert their right to rule. In India, its Hindu majority has been killed even for reasons like ringing temple bells at the time of Namaz or if they tried to protect their women f or they denied paying zajia tax. Yes you might be surprised but Hindus have paid zazia tax to buy peace in their own land. This continuous persecution made Hindus so weak at heart that major massacres of Noakhali could happen; Jinnah could openly challenge India of direct action day and open use of terror to get what he wanted. The elite class Muslims due to their superiority complex, even though lesser in number could never accept to be ruled by a Hindu. This is the reason why Jinnah called for direct action day and thousands of Hindus died and nobody could return back the favor to Jinnah and his Islamic murderers. These chapters of history which were suppressed by the secular class of for the sake of power could not be erased in entirety. There is a very important question which we can ask; why Gujarat riots are so much painful for the Muslim leadership where as 100's of riots has occurred in India. 

Why don't they cry for Noakhali or riots that have occurred in Gujarat earlier? The reason is very simple. Earlier riots where led by Muslims and Hindus were on defensive side. This is the mindset that gave enough confidence to Muslim mob of Godhra to dare to burn a whole compartment full of 59 Hindu pilgrims. They had no fear of repercussion; they had taken Hindus for granted. They could not imagine that Hindus will return the favor. Riots started after that, and Ruler of Gujarat had enough grace to let the families get the charred bodies and do the last rites which won't have happened in a secular government. They would have dumped the bodies in some pit and covered the whole story as some alien attack. This is the reason Gujarat riot is so painful for Indian Islamists. They got the message that Hindus won't remain silent anymore and every attack of violence will have its repercussions. This balance of terror is the reason, Gujarat had 11 years of pin drop silence on the riot meter and no local Muslim has tried to blast a bomb. The feeling of superiority complex has evaporated and Muslims have learned the art of cohabitation.  
In modern civics lessons, Gujarat riots will be seen as a crime against Humanity but when history will be written after 500 years, Gujarat riots will be shown as a turning point from where Hindus learnt to retaliate, no doubt the retaliation had several incidents of rapes and killing of children and women which tarnished Hindutva but don't forget that many criminals and congressis profited from the situation and participated in the riots to loot. 

Babri Masjid demolition won't be shown as a criminal act but it will be a historical turning point for how Hindus could capture back their lost land by reconstructing the Ram Temple after almost 600 years. This is result of Militarization of Hindus. If you believe it should be stopped, Go ask a Kashmiri Pandit or an Egyptian Copt, how secularism has helped them and how the lack of courage to fight back has left them as refugees in their own country. Once that ice of inferiority is broken, India will be respected. 

As Ramdhari Singh DInkar has written, 

"Kshama shobhti us bhujang ko 

jiske pass garal ho

Usko kya jo dant-heen, vishrahit 

vineet saral ho"

You have right to pardon someone only when you have courage and strength to punish someone. A snake which has no poison is smashed by stones.

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ram manohar Agrawal said...

stop calling it babri masjid demolition coz it was not a masjid

Rishi Bhardwaj said...

i'll give you a very easy meaning or definition of the word hindutva. hindutva is nothing but the word hinduism in hindi.

Vidyanand said...

Agree toma large extent what you have said..i would also like see education system focussing on Indian values rather than copying western syllabus!!!

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